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Morohoshi Al-Fount is a one step alcohol replacement fountain solution designed for Sheet-fed, Coldset and Heatset webs. Also for different press speeds and new plate technology. Al-Fount not only produces good wetting but creates a more viscous film of water on the plate. Provides a low dynamic surface tension thus reassuring reduced water setting.

Al-Fount contains humectants to prevent premature drying of the printing plate during brief shut downs and preserves the film forming properties. Al-Fount also contains biocides to keep the fount system free from mould, sequestrates to counteract the effects of dissolved calcium, corrosion inhibitors to protect the printing plate and press equipment, and anti-foaming agents to reduce or remove mechanical and chemical foam.


Directions for use:
To use as an alcohol replacement, start with a dosage of 30mls per liter, increasing by 10mls per liter if more wetting is needed. If a high dose is required, it may indicate the need for Al-Fount in a hard water version.


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