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“A Giant Improvement of AL




Morohoshi ALF-Fount (Alcohol Free) is specially designed for CTP, positive or negative plate.
It could also be use on web machine.
ALF-Fount gives very good wetting ability on plates optimizing perfect prints when use. ALF-Fount contains humectants to prevent premature drying of printing plate during brief shut downs and preserves the film forming properties.
ALF-Fount also contains biocides to keep the fount system free from mould, sequestrants to counteract the effects or dissolved calcium, corrosion inhibitors to protect the printing plate and press equipment, and anti-foaming agents to reduce or remove mechanical and chemical foam.
However, if metallic ink or very special ink are use on press, we still recommend to use
a small percentage of alcohol especially on big solid print area.
The gradual reduction of alcohol in the fountain solution was the principle aim for an
environment green atmosphere, taking away (fire hazard) and smell in the pressroom.
Better Ink SETTING                                       
5 litres / 20 litres / 200 litres
Direction to use:
Add only 2% – 3% of ALF-Fountain to water to have a working pH of 5 – 5.3

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