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Aqueous Hi-Gloss Waterbased Coating (S-11135)


General Characteristics:
This is a specially formulated high gloss waterbased clear coating. It provides fast drying, superior scuff and blocking resistance, outstanding water, solvent and grease resistance, and excellent adhesion on most substrates. It can be applied either in-line with the lithographic printing or off-line processes.

Physical Properties:
Percentage of non-volatility by weight: 36 ± 2%
Appearance : Milky solution
Viscosity : 175 ± 25cps 21 - 23 sec Zahn cup #3 at 25°C
pH : 9.0 ± 0.3

Blanket, Tower or comparable coater, flexo, gravure, and roller coating

Water only or IPA: water (1:1, 1:2)

Desired Wet-Coating Weight:
Approximately 5g/m²

Safety Precautions:
Non-flammable, Non-toxic

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