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Dayglo offset inks have a faint, cream colour when they are printed. The pigments are charged by a broad spectrum of wavelengths from 200-450nm but ideally with UV light. The charge time varies between 5 to 30 minutes depending on light intensity. After the ink is fully charged the afterglow will last up to 8 hours.

Because the pigments have such a high specific gravity the ink must be stirred well to ensure uniform pigment distribution.


Dayglo offset ink is simple to use, but it is a little different from other Offset inks. The instructions below should be followed carefully to achieve optimal results. One of the main objectives in this process is to increase the coating weight. Glow-in-the-dark ink has a larger particle size than regular inks. The way to achieve the brightest glow is to get the highest coating weight possible. If you have your own techniques for increasing coating weight, feel free to try them as well.

Dayglo offset ink can be run at 12,000 impression per hour for several hours at one time without serious press problems. On certain presses, one may need to stop the press every hour or so to clean the blanket due to piling.



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