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Enviro Blanket & Roller Wash


Enviro Blanket & Roller Wash is a revolutionary new, low toxicity, water miscible blanket and ‘one step’ roller wash, containing natural solvent combined in an unique formulation with biodegradable surfactants. It will rapidly remove Ink, Dirt, Paper Lint, and Gum. ‘Enviro’ may also be used as a dampener wash to thoroughly clean dampener rollers.

Enviro drastically reduces the amount of solution needed to wash up and actually works more effectively if less material is used, resulting in a highly cost effective wash.

Enviro will rapidly remove gum glaze, paper coatings, spray powder and ink resins resulting in excellent ink transfer and better dot reproduction. It may also be used in automatic wash-up systems and is excellent for maintaining the cleanliness of rollers.


Enviro is non-flammable, non-toxic and contains no aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

General Cleaning Instructions

Wash Up Procedures:
For the best results apply Enviro Blanket & Roller Wash using a spray bottle.
Recommendations on usage:

  1. Use neat or dilute up to 50% with water to remove gum, lint, paper dust etc.
  2. Apply Enviro evenly across roller and allow to work through roller train. Continue until rollers are clean.
  3. DO NOT OVER USE IT – There has been a tendency by many press operators to use the Enviro Roller Wash in the same manner they would use an evaporative solvent wash. This can cause the rollers to slip.

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