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Fount Waste Absorber


Morohoshi Fount Waste Absorbers are a cheap, efficient and easy way to reduce contamination of recirculating fountain tanks and water flowing through the press.

In these competitive times when schedules are tight and downtime is expensive, general press maintenance is often considered to be low priority. However, leave it too long, and print problems will result from contaminated fountain solution.

Fount Waste Absorber dropped into the tank will absorb up to 25 times its weight in ink particles and greasy films from the water surface, extending the life of your fountain solution, extending the interval between full tank and pipe cleaning sessions, and therefore reducing press downtime.

When the Fount Waste Absorber have become saturated with contaminants, throw them away and replace with clean ones. For best results, replace Fount Waste Absorbers regularly, before they become fully contaminated.

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