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These inks are formulated with stock scents, like lemon, or custom fragrances for unique cosmetics, personal care, and other consumer brands. The scented inks are applied directly over printed graphics and activated only when rubbed.

Fragrance Inks contain fragrance oils that are microencapsulated within the inks, which utilizes patented synthetic polymers for the microcapsules. The inks can be run in-line in either spot or full coverage, for offset applications. Rigorous testing assures that the scented inks withstand heat, pressure, humidity and other printing and converting stresses. Unlike some other scented products, encapsulated scents do not permeate the pressroom environment.

Fragrance Inks are scented inks that are applied directly over printed graphics and activated only when gently rubbed. The inks contain fragrance oils that use a state of the art form of microencapsulation.

The capsules are uniquely different from traditional, gelatin-based encapsulation for two reasons: they are made with a synthetic polymer wall, which makes the capsule more stable in a wider range of solvents.

This enables capsules to be dispersed into a wide range of print coatings and helps them to survive the rigors of the printing processes (e.g. high pressure and heat) without bursting and releasing the scent into the pressroom. The microcapsules have a median range of six microns-approximately one-half to one-third the size of traditional capsules. As a result, scented varnish applied directly over printed graphics carries millions of capsules that remain dormant until rubbed.



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