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Grease Proof Waterbased Coating (S-12280)


General Characteristics:
This is a specially formulated grease proof waterbased clear coating providing the ultimate in grease resistance for the interior or exterior of folding cartons.

Physical Properties:
Percentage of non-volatility by weight: 40 ± 2%
Appearance : Milky solution
Viscosity : 100 ± 25cps 13 - 17 sec Zahn cup #3 at 25°C
pH : 8.5 ± 0.3

Flexo and Rotogravure and other comparable applicators

Water only or IPA: water (1:1, 1:2)

Desired Wet-Coating Weight:
Approximately 6-7.5g/m²

Safety Precautions:
Non-flammable, Non-toxic

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