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Tack Reducing Compound S 1022 An additive compound added into ink to reduce tack.
Recommended 1 to 2%
2 kgs
Tack Reducing (Liquid) S 1032 A liquid compound that reduces ink tack and body of ink.
Recommended 0.5 to 1%
1 litre
Ink Drier S 1033 An additive to increase speed of drying.
Recommended 0.5 to 1%
1 litre
Anti-Skinning Medium S 1130 An additive to slow down skinning of ink on the ink duct.
Recommended 1 to 2%
1 kg
Tinting Medium/Transparent White S 1040 A base ink to reduce the strength of ink without changing the shade. 2 kgs
Opaque White S 1016 This ink is used to enhance the opacity of an ink. 2 kgs
Mixing White S 1303 Mixing White is generally used for colour-matching to achieve certain opacity. 2 kgs
Paper / Board Shield S 8617 A compound used to shield poorly coated paper or board surface. Applied to areas to prevent paper plucking and other linting problems. 2 kgs
MF Additive WHS 4647 An additive mixed into fountain solution to enhance the setting of ink on paper. 500 c.c
M Compound WHS 4648 An additive compound to prevent inks from scumming and tinting completely. Improves its thixotrophy and also reduces dot gain. 1 kg

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