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Red Label Rejuvenator


Morohoshi Red Label Rejuvenator is a solvent based, water miscible wash specially formulated to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate printing blankets and inking rollers. Regular use will prolong the life of both blankets and rollers by replacing essential plasticisers which are leached out of the rubber surface in normal use.

Red Label Rejuvenator has particularly high cutting solvent characteristics and is often used when making a quick or critical colour change. Red Label Rejuvenator is recommended for use in the final wash-up at the end of a week.

Red Label Rejuvenator is suitable for use on all types of blankets and most types of rollers, including rubber, copper and polyurethane but excluding EPDM rollers.

Directions for use:

Apply with a lint-free cloth. After application, it is good practice to wipe over with water, especially if an immediate start-up is required. To maintain the resilience of the rubber, Red Label Rejuvenator should be used at least once a week.

Red Labels Rejuvenator can be used for the whole cleaning job or as a final treatment after the bulk of the ink has been cleaned off using an ordinary solvent. It is highly recommended to flush out the rollers with water before re-inking.

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