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White Label Plate Cleaner



A highly recommended plate cleaner for UV offset press. White Label Plate Cleaner is an acidic and general purpose emulsion plate cleaner for use on both positive and negative pre-sensitized aluminum plates. It removes ink, scum and oxidation, de-sensitize scratches and at the same time improve the hydrophilic properties of the non-image areas. White Label Plate Cleaner will provide protection during short press stops and can be used as a starter for both new and stored plates.

White Label Plate Cleaner provides the end user with an economical alternative to more expensive plate cleaners. However, the quality of products is maintained, as with all the products in the Morohoshi range. White Label Plate Cleaner effectively cleans UV printing plates for printing press.

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Apply directly to the plate surface using a damp sponge and wipe, applying sufficient pressure to remove any ink. Wash off with water or fount solution before restarting the press.

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