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This is a new varnish technology, the Radiation Curing. UV-curing varnishes are converted 100% into varnish films. No solvent escapes into the atmosphere. For the curing, only a fraction of the energy is needed, compared with what is required in conventional thermal drying. Therefore, the radiation curing system has the following characteristics: no pollution, high processing speed, slight energy consumption.


This item is a high viscosity type UV curable glossy print ink that is designed for silk screen printing on paper or plastic surface. It exhibits excellent adhesion, good leveling, no yellowing, no odor, and will not stick to each other while stacking. It also meets the requirements of toy safety, paper recycling, and heavy metals of content.


AP9earance Yellowish. translucent liquid
Color (Gardner) < 2
Viscosity (25°C. Brookfield LVT#4. 60 rpm) 1600 +200 cps
Specific Gravity 1.0 +0.1
Solid Content 99% up by weight
Resin Tvpe Epoxy Acrvlate
Spreading Rate 3-8 u/rri (Depending on paper surface)



For high-gloss coating of paper, cardboard and various plastics. The range of application is very widespread, for example: labels of all kinds, postcards, record wrappers, posters, book jackets, playing cards and menu cards, folding and telescoping boxes.


DRYING SPEED: (Depending on the film thickness, the UV lamp condition, effects required)

  1. UV lamp specs. 80=82 W/cm or 200 W/inch
  2. With one UV lamp approx. 20 M/min
  3. With two UV lamps approx. 40 M/min


  1. Stored at cool temperature, do not exposed to high heat or direct sunlight
  2. Once opened, should use it up as soon as possible.
  3. Use alcohol or IPA for machine cleaning.